Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome one and all.

Hello Fans,

Welcome to the Euphonie, a music blog created by three lovely ladies with a total admiration of all things indie rock 'n roll. The sky is the proverbial limit. This blog might just include something that will tickle your fancy in a harmonic way, of course. Like...
  • "Eureka" posts aka. introductions about new bands we have recently become obsessed with
  • random themed top [insert number] lists
  • musings about pop-culture and life in general
  • selections from "overheard on the office iDock"
  • the occasional post outlining the reasons why we disagree with the gods at Pitchfork
And of course, there will be random bad (awesome) puns on occasion.

So take off your coat, hat, mittens or other outwear. Make yourself at home on our fancy old couch. Maybe grab a cold PBR. Why not stay a while and leave a comment or two? We will make it worth your while. Promise.

Yours Truly,
Allie, Jenna & Laurie

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