Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today, Maxwell's is closing and the interwebs weep

Today is the last day of July.
Today is also the day Maxwell's is closing.
Today is a sad day.

I posted my feelings after the initial announcement so I really don't have anything else to say. But I wanted to share some links I've come across in the past couple of days about the closing. has written a few pieces about the closing. Here is one.

BrooklynVegan posted a 20 minute documentary about the historic venue, including interviews with a lot of the key people.

Here is an article from Bloomberg that I first saw on Facebook. It categorizes the "rift" between "Maxwell's Rock Fans" and "Hoboken Moms."

New York Magazine published an oral history of the venue in their most recent issue.

Here is a post from Stereogum that made me very sad. Especially this quote:
Abramson has made it clear the issue isn’t monetary, but a wrong place, wrong time sort of deal. Hoboken has changed. “You wanna be the town with Cake Boss or you wanna be the town with Maxwell’s?” says McCall. “Ultimately the town made the decision that Cake Boss outweighed Maxwell’s.”

Gothamist posted The Best Bands Played At Maxwell's (live videos of Nirvana, Replacements, Bob Mould, Black Keys, and others playing in the back room).

Hopefully the Maxwell's spirit will live on forever...even if the Washington Street location is turned into some kind of generic sports bar or something.  

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