Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Link of the Day: 5 Facebook Photos that Have Got to Stop

I know I'm opening myself up to the whole "Don't take Facebook so seriously" debate but...

In the past couple of months, I've almost deactivated my Facebook page about 8 times.  I've also gone through about 5 major friend-cleanses. I don't know when Facebook became the place to overshare everything, but it has. It is basically baby-book, wedding-book, engagement-book, thoughts-on-politics/god/life-book, and so on.

Well my favorite random blog, Thought Catalog, posted a great column focusing on the overdone pictures of Facebook. Click here to learn about what types of Facebook photos need to go. From a thousand selfies to "aggressive" party pictures, its all there and its all true. 

Remember the days when Facebook was just about looking up (and stalking) your classmates and posting interests?  Sigh.

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