Friday, March 22, 2013

Books To Get Lost In

Amor Towles debut novel, Rules of Civility is truly a love letter for New York City. Katey Kontent is a girl about town, and she navigates the streets of 1938 Manhattan with true finesse, reveling in the contagious energy of Greenwich Village jazz clubs, making high society friends with monogrammed lighters and impressive doorman building apartments, and working her way through the ranks of the secretariat pool to a challenging but envy inducing editorial job. Kontent comes from modest means and is quick-witted, sensible, and relatable. You will find yourself rooting for her whether she is climbing the ranks in the workplace, or charming her way through a Long Island lawn party. Serving up a heavy dose of Great Gatsby glamor and capturing the glimmer and promise of New York, this book transports you to another time and place and you won’t want to leave it.

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