Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Teen Jeopardy FTW!

Whenever possible, I try to watch Jeopardy. It is my favorite game show. It features all the things I love:  trivia, lame personal stories and, most of all, Alex Trebek. I followed Ken Jennings through his historic winning streak.  Sometimes, the "answers" makes me feel smart. Other times, I enter 7:30 feeling very dumb. But I always enjoy myself.

Teen Tournament is my favorite of their speciality competitions because I always feel like a smartest teenager who is actually 20-something.

Last week, I met Leonard, a teen from Little Rock, AR with crazy hair. He seemed unamused by the competition as he stood at the podium with his arms crossed and answered question after question.  I knew that if he got to the finals, he would be an amusement to all of us Jeopardy lovers old and young. I couldn't wait.

And then I missed the finals.  But luckily, this video surfaced and I was thankful to know Leonard.  (Well, "know" in the sense that I watched him on TV)  The chuzpah of this guy....betting almost all of his money on a Daily Double IN Double Jeopardy.  That is fantastic.  And then there is this move in Final Jeopardy...

Here is an article from Grantland, with screenshots so you can relive the drama.

Update: Here is a link from Deadspin, about how he could've actually lost.

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