Thursday, January 31, 2013

SNL parodies Catfish

I am currently obsessed with Catfish: the TV Show, the MTV reality show where people who are in online relationships enlist the help of Nev Schulman (star of the movie Catfish) to meet their "loves."  Most of the time, the person they are talking to online is not the person they claim to be.  They hijack other's photos and create alternative personalities. These personalities are often the opposite of their real personality.  I suspect people do this to hide internal issues.  Sometimes, heartbreak ensues once their identity is discovered.  Other times, they have no problem with being "catfished."  It is a fascinating show that really explores the psyche of our online word.

I rarely watch SNL, but Saturday's episode featured a very funny parody of Catfish.  Check it out below.

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