Wednesday, May 20, 2009

[Overdue] Discovery: EDITORS

I always assumed that Editors were just a poor man's Interpol (in the same way I strongly believe that Muse is just a poor man's Radiohead and thus refuse to listen to anything by Muse). Because of this egregious assumption, I disregarded any and all Editors' tracks I briefly came into contact with. However, I have come to seriously regret my ignorance. In the past two days, I heard "Smokers Outside the Hospital Door" on KEXP twice. It was a sign. It was a sign that I must give Editors a chance. And I did.

And what I discovered was that they are a carbon copy of Interpol, except in a good way. They do the morbid and moody tones, except with a bit more English flair. The voice of Editors lead-singer Tom Smith could be mistaken for that of Paul Banks (lead singer of Interpol), except who doesn’t love a singer who embraces the fact he can express emotion through monotone vocals. Still, that is no reason to disregard their music all together. They are a tight band that rocks out through each song.

As a band, Editors have been around since 2002 and hail from Stafford, England. They have released two albums, “The Back Room” in 2005 and “An End Has A Start” in 2007. The title track off the latter album does not miss a beat and is reminiscent of Interpol’s “Slow Hands.” Currently, the band is working on a third album, which promises to be influenced by “scores composed by the man behind The Terminator soundtracks, Brad Fiedel, as well as the expected Depeche Mode, Talking Heads-type art rock,” according to this article from the UK's XFM.

The similarities can basically be attributed to the way both bands present their lyrics in a monotone yet emotional way. The guitars riffs are as important as the lyrics. This band has style. This band has grace. This band is one of my new favorites.

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  1. Once you give Muse the same try, I expect a GOB-like "I've made a huge mistake..."

  2. Smokers Outside Hospital Doors is the business and they don't take themselves as seriously as their music suggests:

  3. good video suggestion, Neil. I really enjoyed their randomness.