Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Discover! Discovery

This just in
: Wes Miles, the frontman of Ra Ra Riot and Rostam
Batmanglij, keyboardist of Vampire Weekend, have combined forces for an awesome side project. It is like Ra Ra Weekend or Vampire Riot, as Jenna put it. There is not much of a description for the new band but a collaboration between these two musicians from two great bands is definitely a notable one.

The two songs posted on their Myspace, "Orange Shirt" and "Osaka Loop Line," are just a taste of what it is to come from Discovery. The tracks are infused with electronica. Wes's signature vocal style stands out. The lyrics are generational and self-aware, like "Every text that I get from you is so so serious" from "Orange Shirt." Overall, the charm of both bands are ever present throughout the songs. The album will be out in the early summer, according to a post on their Myspace page.

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