Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Word of the Week: Myriad

For this week's installment of "Word of the Week" I am going to explore one of my favorite words, "myriad." This word originally came into my repertoire of words when I was listening to Interpol's "Antics." Interpol is known for a unique brand of morbid but intelligently worded songs. Their lyrics are laden with five-dollar words. For example "stealth," "salacious," and "cadaverous" appear in "C'mere," "Length of Love" and "A Time To Be Small," respectively.



Pronunciation: \ˈmir-ē-əd\
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek myriad-, myrias, from myrioi countless, ten thousand
Date: 1555

1 : ten thousand
: a great number myriad of ideas>

Function: adjective
Date: 1765

(definition courtesy of

Synonyms: countless, endless, heaping, immeasurable, incalculable, multitudinous, no end of, numberless, oodles, slew, uncounted

Antonyms: limited, measurable

Used in a sentence: When Catherine entered Marcus's apartment, she noticed a myriad of records stacked in milk crates lining the walls.

Used in a song: "But I am married to your charms and grace./ I go crazy like the good old days./ You make me want to pick up a guitar/ and celebrate the myriad ways that I love you." Interpol "Slow Hands" mp3

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